Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Slasher stories at Plots with Guns

Well, first I missed the call for stories for the Beat to a Pulp anthology and now it looks like I missed a call for slasher stories for Plots with Guns.  What a goddamn pity.  I should quit working on my Master's and pay more attention to the Internet.

Anyway, I saw that two writers I dig were featured in the slasher edition of Plots with Guns.  After all the research I've been doing on the whole slasher genre, I can assure you the stories by Matthew Funk and Garnett Elliot do the genre more than justice. 

Funk works the red herring angle to perfection and Elliot, as usual, puts the reader right in the moment the story takes place in, which is the 80s, a decade I miss more and more as I get older.  The little details thrown in, like the goofball playing a video game with a pink Izod shirt on and the collar turned up, what can I say, it's a poet's eye used in the service of fiction.


  1. Heh heh. Believe it or not, in the first draft of the story the Izod goofball's name was . . . Alex Cizak. This was not done consciously. I wasn't reading your blog at the time. I had, though, read a story of yours at BTAP and the last name must have 'stuck' somehow. It sounds sort of like Cusack, which strongly suggests '80's' to me. Anyway, after awhile I realized I'd seen the name before and changed it to 'Alex Listiak.'

    So there you go. You almost had your guts ripped out by a boar.

  2. That would have gotten a big laugh out of everybody I went to junior high and high school with. I was one those elitist assholes who made fun of yuppies and the way they all dressed like clones, so they would have had a hell of a good time laughing right back at me!