Monday, December 20, 2010

Seven Days of Slashers!

So I'm trying to put together an article detailing how subversive the slasher pictures of the early 1980s were and I'm spending my Christmas break watching a slasher film each night before I go to sleep.

Last night I watched The Prowler, which is part of a group of films that are known, primarily, for Tom Savini's hardcore special effects.  And hardcore it was... Long, meandering shots of people getting slashed and diced.  The pitch-fork in the beginning was particularly interesting as the killer announced himself as a very thorough craftsman... A lot of suspense and a great soundtrack mixing violins and that unmistakable early 1980s synthesizer.

Tonight I will watch another classic of the genre, The Burning, notable for its violence as well as appearances by a young Jason Alexander and Holly Hunter.

Tomorrow night: The original My Bloody Valentine.


  1. Alec, have you seen my own little slasher movie project on the interwebs?
    You might dig it.

  2. I'll check that out. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  3. Great site, Jimmy. I left a couple of comments under the Toolbox Murder post and the F13 pt.2 post. A couple of movies I plan on watching again so when I'm finished, I'll read those posts and comment there as well.

    Again, great site. These movies really mean a lot to me as they were a crucial part of my growing up in the 1980s. It's kind of sad and psychotic, but then, I'm an American, I can get away with it! Anyway, I'm always thrilled to see others writing about the subject (and preferably without the psychobabble that a lot of 'textual critics' have unloaded on the genre)

  4. Well, thaank you for your kind words, but I think you might find there's more textual criticism than you might like in some of the other entries. I try to strike a nice balance between having a sense of humor about this crap and taking it seriously. Sometimes we're more successful than other times. But I am really glad you dug it, and so encourage you to check out the other three sites in the quartet:
    And if the mood strikes you, please feel free to submit something to the e-mail addy on the page. I'm getting a little overwhelmed keeping a weekly schedule on these things, and every bit helps.

  5. I hear you on the textual criticism. I'd love to contribute to the slasher blog and I'll check out the one of sex movies as well. I grew up on Cinemax After Dark and Full Moon Madness (or whatever it was called). I'll look at the slasher blog carefully and figure out a picture that hasn't been discussed yet.