Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Round One: "Studio Dick"

So as I get the opportunity to read stories from the new Beat to a Pulp anthology, I will post my opinions here of the stories I like.  I had some time this morning so I flipped right away to the Garnett Elliot story, "Studio Dick."  Elliot is a writer I believe has description down better than just about anybody I've read in recent years.  The choices he makes as a writer, what to include, what not to include, are amazing.  Some writers bog their work down with too much description, others provide next to nothing, hoping the reader will do more work than necessary.  I admit that I struggle with this in my own writing.  Elliot doesn't seem to have this problem.  "Studio Dick" is really a textbook example of how to tell a story.  Garnett Elliot works in genre fiction, but I believe his sensibilities are literary in nature (and, of course, there are many who argue that 'literary' is a genre itself and I am inclined to agree).  Elliot also writes in a manner fitting for traditional pulps.  His stories have weight.  That's not always a good thing, but, as I stated, because Elliot isn't wasting space, the reader can be assured that he or she is not wasting time.  As for Round One, so far, so very good.

Elliot's work is featured this month at All Due Respect.  His work has also been featured at Beat to a Pulp (the website), A Twist of Noir, Thuglit, and Plots with Guns, among many others.


  1. Thanks for the review, Alex.

    Studio Dick was very much meant to be a traditional pulp story. I wrote it shortly after digesting The Black Lizard Big Book of Pulps and some of the influence just seeped in there. I tried to use a similar style in a boxing story that will be appearing in BTAP shortly.

    There's plenty of good stuff in Round One. Glenn Gray's story is especially . . . unnerving.

  2. I never argue with someone sporting a Big Country/Thompson Twins haircut!

  3. You forgot Morten Harkett (A-Ha) and Brian Setzer. Mark my words: the pompadour will return!