Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ALL DUE RESPECT now listed at Duotrope!

Although I can't bring it up in their search engine yet, there is nevertheless a listing for All Due Respect at Duotrope.  If any of the five authors (myself included..,) who have thus far been featured in All Due Respect read this and report their submissions at Duotrope, please report your appearance in All Due Respect so that Duotrope can have statistics.

(I got a kick out of the fact that they quoted my remark about Dr. Phil)


  1. It's part of the guidelines for All Due Respect.

    I'd sure like for you to contribute a story to All Due Respect some time!

  2. I read the guidelines. HAHA.

    I actually do have a story they may like. It would be a reprint. It was originally published in a bizarro ezine but is not bizarro. Just a weird take on noir/horror. Are you the editor of ADR?

  3. Yes, I am the editor of ADR. Don't tell anybody, though, it's a secret.