Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stuff I recently read on the web

The narrator of Jack Getze's story "Tool of the Tade" has an ex named Lorraine, just like half the narrators of the stories I write.  What the hell is it with women named Lorraine?  And from the south, no less.  Anway, Mr. Getze tells his story with a nice, lean, unapologetic prose.  Pure noir writing.  Again, PC nazis beware, Getze appears to still have his spine, which is bad news for the Polite Police.  You can read the whole story here:

Beat to a Pulp


  1. Getze is pretty sure he has a spine, too, but sometimes it turns up missing. Like on the phone yesterday when his agent asked him if he'd consider writing an historical mystery featuring Ben Franklin. "Whatever," he mumbled.

  2. You know I can see a historical mystery featuring Ben Franklin.