Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Other stuff I've read (and watched)

Beat to a Pulp has had some interesting material the last few weeks.  Currently, a short film by Ryle Smith called "One Good Turn" can be seen at the "weekly punch."

While you're there, take a look at "Miles to Go," a western by Edward A. Grainger.  I wish there was a bigger market for westerns (then again, I wish there was a bigger market for crime stories;  Hell, I wish it was 1954 so I could make a goddamn living writing for the pulps.)  The western, like noir fiction, is a truly American genre.  It's sad the masses don't recognize this.  There is a sentiment among the elite that westerns are somehow ancient, reactionary testaments to old world racism and genocide.  This is really just a lot of liberal arts nonsense that gets perpetuated by left-wing, knee-jerk reactionary professors, theorists, and basically sour-pussed douchebags who don't get it.  To fully understand this, read Grainger's western, which does not have a John Wayne caricature killing off Apache Indians.

If the western is your thing, there are also links at Beat to a Pulp to blogs and sites on the Internet that specialize in the genre.


  1. Grainger's story is really good, I agree. Clean, sweet, to the point. Not a word wasted.

    IMO, the traditional content of the western (outlaws vs law and order) has migrated to urban crime shows on TV. The city is the new wild West.

    Teaching the western to undergraduates (speaking not as one of those academics who spoil everything), I find that they are unaware that westerns were/are intended for adults.

    They're surprised to discover that they are more than just gunfights and chases. And that they're *fun*. I think lack of interest in westerns comes from not having seen them.

  2. I agree, Ron. Any time I hear a young person disparage westerns I suggest they watch "The Searchers." Usually does the trick.

  3. David has definitely run some intersting stuff at BTAP