Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Killer Inside Me movie is bringing, yet again, much deserved posthumous attention to Jim Thomspon

Here's an article on Jim Thompson by someone who has the time to do actual research:

Thompson article


  1. That was an insightful article and has me psyched even more for the film.

  2. I watched the film this past weekend on Movies on Demand...Excellent! And no, I'm not pulling your leg: They sometimes do this with Indie films; show them at the same time they are do to be in theaters. They usually don't last long and cost a few bucks more, but who cares.

    As an aside, I'm not a big Casey Afflec fan, but he is a really great choice for this part.

  3. It's getting a lot of flack because of the violence, particularly the violence against women. I fnd it odd that in a society that pretends to be working towards "equality" it is considered perfectly ok to show violence against men but totally taboo to show violence against women. Oh, by the way, violence against women is still a very real problem and until society faces it, as this story certainly demands, it will continue to be a problem. By shrieking when a film like this is made, by attempting to ban or censor it, the problem gets swept under the rug (sorry for the cliche.)