Saturday, May 29, 2010

My work soon to appear in Powder Burn Flash

My story "A Matter of Time" will appear soon in Powder Burn Flash.  The editor hasn't given me an exact date yet.  Powder Burn Flash features crime stories that fall under 1000 words.  That's known as "Flash Fiction," a development in literature that caters specifically to the short attention span generation.  I say that jokingly.  Kafka certainly wrote many parables and short pieces that fell under 1000 words and he managed to load them up with meaning.  I enjoy writing flash fiction stories because they force you to get right to the point.  When you only have a thousand words, you have to choose them carefully.  The challenge is to cram something that resembles a story within those thousand words. 

"A Matter of Time" evolved as it was being written.  It was initially the simple tale of a man shooting another man out of concern that the other man was going to become a child molester.  Hence, saving the man by killing him.  It was based on several experiences I had in Los Angeles where I would go to the Internet Cafe on Wilshire and Normandie, sit down at a computer and see that the person who had been sitting there before me had been looking at kiddie porn.  I always felt bad that I couldn't track down the perverts and turn them over to the police.  Child molesters, as you may know, can't be cured.  Even if you cut their dongs off, they still find a way to damage children.  I have no sympathy for them.  While they have no moral center, their lack of a moral center is not a philosophical protest, it is a genuine lack of consideration for other human beings.  Since there is no cure, death is the only logical punishment.  Of course, we live in a spineless society that protects anybody, no matter how repulsive they might be.  Anyway, as I wrote and revised it, a more cohesive plotline developed and the result is a nice, tight story that would make the dorks in Hollywood salivate (of course, since it's not a remake of a movie that was successful thirty years ago and not based on an old television show, they'd never actually make it into a feature motion picture...)

As soon as I know when the story will be published I will post notice here.


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