Sunday, May 23, 2010

My work at A Twist of Noir

Several of my stories dealing with people who have no moral center can be read here:

The most recent, "Cermak, Near Chinatown," involves a couple of idiots from Chicago who stumble across the wrong wallet. To avoid confusion: Yes, it is humorous. Yes, the narrator is a moron! This seemed to confuse a reader who left a snide comment.

The next story is "Local Gods," a retelling of a Bible story involving a grocery store owner and an old Irish gangster in Los Angeles. It's not one of my better stories, but the writing is good enough to keep the reader interested.

Next is "Patience." I'm pretty sure this was the favorite of the tough crowd there at A Twist of Noir. It's a tender tale of passion and revenge. It also takes place in Los Angeles.

Finally, the first story of mine published in A Twist of Noir, "Pitch Street," is a basic noir yarn about a hitman and a hitwoman. Again, the writing saves the day. Again, the action happens in L.A. (What can I say? The town was made for stories lacking a moral center!)

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